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Reviews from current investors with Apex Algorithms

4.0 rating
3rd November 2018

My involvement with Apex started with a call from Joseph. I am not exactly sure how my number was known to Apex, but I was assured that they do not do cold calls. I get a lot of emails with investment advice – too many. My name may have found its way onto a register of people interested in investing. Joseph explained the basic idea, that the algorithm decides when to place a bet on a football outcome, of which there are many possibilities for each match. He also emailed me a spreadsheet showing past results from a previous year. In my case this was very helpful, as I like looking at data. The spreadsheet showed for each potential wager whether to bet or not, and if so, how much, together with the result. Not all bets are won. But this is the point. It’s a sort of statistical arbitrage method that generates more wins than losses in the long run (by a good margin).
At this point I had had two telephone discussions and an email, which I felt was not sufficient to part with money. The dictum, caveat emptor, has never been more relevant than dealing with investing – particularly when we read daily of people receiving bad financial advice, e.g. on pensions, and in some cases outright scams. So I asked to visit the company and meet some real people. I arranged to travel down to their office at Betteshanger, in South-East Kent. (They have since moved to the Discovery Park in Sandwich, where there is a cluster of high tech firms).
The visit went well. I finally met Joseph in person, together with the firm’s boss, Nathan, and various other members of staff. Thus reassured, I agreed to open an account with a moderate first payment. The Apex model works on a weekly cycle. Every Monday, by email, you receive an update with the percentage gain (or loss), being the aggregate of the previous week’s bets. As well as keeping people informed, I find this has a psychological benefit: a gentle reminder that the system is running as stated. So I have subsequently increased my stake in stages. Also important, I have never felt pressured by Apex to invest.

Tony Whitfield
4.0 rating
8th October 2018

I have been very pleased with the returns that Apex have achieved, and they have kept investors well informed of the performance on a weekly basis which Is very helpful

Jack Bendrey
5.0 rating
25th September 2018

Very impressed with the service I have received from Apex Algorithms. Weekly updates and a return of over 20% in my first year.

5.0 rating
7th August 2018

I’ve been with Apex for 8 months or so and pleased to say the experience has been a good one
Joseph and Nathan have been attentive, giving regular updates and excellent communication throughout.
Returns have been strong and would recommend to others.

Jon Oxley
5.0 rating
6th August 2018

Apex Algorithms have been a great investment asset for me. Joseph and William have been clear and communicative at all times and I have enjoyed the excellent positive return on capital. If you are looking for an innovative investment with an edge, I highly recommend Apex.

5.0 rating
3rd June 2018

Made 10% across a six month period when other funds were struggling. Service (mainly Joseph) was always very quick to get back to me.
Mark S

5.0 rating
9th May 2018

I have always had a great service from Apex with detailed updates on progress and support via phone or email whenever required.
I am highly impressed with the professionalism and dedication of the team and would recommend them to anyone who asked

Leon Bradley
5.0 rating
7th May 2018

Finding a unique and uncorrelated asset class is challenging. Moreover, many of these offerings do not live up to expectations and are often not sustainable. Apex has succeeded in very competently packaging a unique offering providing solid returns, regular and easy-to-understand reporting and a user-friendly client service.

5.0 rating
5th May 2018

I was a little skeptical about this whole thing at first, but as it’s been a year later I’m very confident about how it’s going the first few months had an average of 1% per week. I only wish I had more to invest as this is where your investment money should be! Highly recommend! Great help and support by all the staff that work their and was great meeting them in person as that really does settle any nerves you have about this!
Thanks for letting me get involved!

Luke Godrich
4.0 rating
30th April 2018

I have been with this company two and half months investing. There is an overall gain so far although not as lucrative as originally advertised. Possibly because there was three negative weeks durjng this period. It is still early days that I can accurately judge them but so far it has been positive and they have been very professional and very courteous. The downside has been some issues with the website and I wish one can know his balanwce from the website. The other downside is that one cannot touch his money for a year.

Zaky ibrahim
4.0 rating
30th April 2018

I have been investing with this company for nearly 6 months now; during my time they have delivered steady consistent gains on my initial investment. Although not big, it wouldn’t be fair to call this early on what the end result could be. They have been very professional, helpful, and swift when needed to be contacted. They offer detailed weekly updates on the investment and the trades they place, helping you to keep track of your investment. The website is easy on the eye and simple to use; offering an investor only section with a secure login to access detailed information about your investment. All in all, a very good company, that I would recommend. Im looking forward to seeing the return’s this company produces by the end of the year.

5.0 rating
30th April 2018

Communication and integrity is key with unsecured investments of this nature, Joseph and the team responded within an hour (usually minutes) of me emailing them and despite some concerns, I felt Nathan and the team showed integrity and understanding of my situation. I would consider further investments with Apex in the future.

Theo K
5.0 rating
18th April 2018

I joined Apex after a friend referred me, the weekly updates are a great way to keep up to date on how my account is performing, along with having access to the investor area on the website to get a more in depth view on trades placed.

Jonathon Webster
4.0 rating
18th April 2018

Really good group of guys. William is my account manager and he’s regularly in contact. I’m very happy so far. Look forward to the updates each week.

Roger Whitby-Smith
5.0 rating
12th April 2018

I started with a smaller amount of my portfolio last year, I have since upgraded to the Platinum account level but chose not to receive quarterly payments due to the compounding profits. After meeting Brian who is an algorithm technician there I’m very confident in their system.

Siddharth Raina
5.0 rating
2nd April 2018

I’m a long term account holder (2 years+) – Great communication with the team – Visited the guys down in the Deal office a number of times. Overall I have no complaints.

Steven Holden
4.0 rating
24th March 2018

Very happy with the progress of my account, Joseph is a pleasure to deal with.

Harry Pierson-Miles

4.6 rating
4.6 out of 5 stars (based on 17 reviews)
Very good35%