I Have a Secret I Need to Share

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I have secret. At the beginning of last year, I made an investment, just a small one, as it seemed too good to be true. So good in fact that I thought it could’ve been a scam and I didn’t tell anyone about it just in case.

However, one year later I can tell you that it isn’t a scam and that they genuinely do deliver on what they promise – actually, they deliver quite a bit more.

I have been gambling. I have been betting on football matches and horseraces. Well, that isn’t actually correct. A computer has been betting on football matches and horseraces for me. I gave a very modest £2,000 to a company called Apex Algorithms. I admit that I was sceptical of their claims to be able to beat the booking by using a computer algorithm, but I’ve been proven wrong. At time of writing the 12-month rolling return for me has been 24% and climbing each month.

These guys have developed complex algorithms that take several different parameters into account: players, opposition players, weather, leagues position and about a dozen other things. They then work out the odds that represent fair value and look at the betting markets to see where they can get better odds.

You may have heard of this sort of thing before: It is what every hedge fund does before they decide whether to make an investment in the stock of a company. I went down to meet the inventor of the algorithm and his team. One of the things that struck me is that no one at Apex is a gambler and that most of them don’t even follow football – then again most Hedge Fund managers don’t care about the stocks that they buy so I guess I shouldn’t have been that surprised.

This product isn’t without its risks, but it has made excellent returns every year, month on month, year on year. Let’s face it, 0.1% in the bank, 5-10% on an ISA (which is subject to Donald Trump having another hissy fit) etc etc. Oh, and did I mention it is tax-free. Now I wouldn’t recommend selling everything up and investing. This really is for those who have some money to risk. It’s a great way to pay for a nice holiday, or that new car.

Finally, I should also say that you don’t ever make a bet. The computer does that, you just sit back and read the emails that come over on a Sunday night telling you how the Algorithm fared that week.

If you would like to know more drop me a line or look at Apex Algorithms.

Paul Northcott has since made the transition from client to Managing Director at Apex.

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