12 months – liquidate initial capital and profits

6 months to a year – initial capital can be returned but charges will be made on profits

6 months or less – charges against capital

Where Are You Based?

We operate from two offices in London and deal in Kent, details are available here.

How Long Has The Fund Been Running?

The fund was established under a limited company in 2013, for two years prior to this the founders traded their own money to establish its viability before offering it to high net worth individuals and those who identify as sophisticated investors.

What Is The Average Return?

The lowest return we have shown investors over 5 years is 26.3% over 12 months – On average we tell clients to expect between 1-1.5% a week.

What Is The Minimum Investment Amount?

Foundation accounts on a 40/60 profit share can be opened from £2,500

Does It Involve A Large Amount Of Risk?

The algorithm will never use more than 1% of the total fund on a single trade. With each trade containing 2.5% total risk.

Is The Money Kept In The UK?

Yes, clients transfer funds to our UK based business account – which is then transferred to respective betting exchanges.

How Long Does It Take To Withdraw Funds?

After your first 12 months in the fund – Funds are very accessible  – Withdrawals take 3-5 working days to show back to the investor.

How Regularly Am I Updated Regarding Account Profits?

Investors will be updated weekly, with access to the investor area coming soon.

Can I View The Bets Being Placed?

No, the volume of bets is significant, investors will get 6-month performance reports reflecting on the bets placed.

Are There Variable Return Rates For Larger Investors?

Foundation accounts start at a 50/50 profit share, however, valued clients in the fund can see up to a 60% profit share over time.

Entry £2,500 – £5,000 – 40% / 60%

Foundation £5,000 – £15,000 – 50% / 50%

Silver £15,000 – £30,000 – 52.5% / 47.5%

Gold £30,000 – £50,000 – 55% / 45%

Platinum £50,000 – £100,000 – 60% / 40%

Diamond £100,000+ – 65% / 35%

What Licensing/Regulations Are Involved?

All of the accounts that we work with are heavily adherent to the gambling commission’s rules and regulations.

What External Factors Affect The Betting Market?

Unlike the financial markets, the betting market is separated from external factors due to the simplicity of the markets.

Do The Bet Sizes Vary?

Yes, depending on the market size and liquidity, the algorithm will determine the most beneficial amount to place on each bet.

Is There A Referral Reward?

Speak to your account manager for more information regarding referral reward.

What Is Liquidity?

Liquidity is basically how much money we can place on a trade.  There is little point in predicting the outcome of a match unless you can get a bookmaker or group of bookmakers to take the bet.  That is why less well-known leagues particularly outside Europe and niche types of bets eg correct scores, are harder to get bets taken by bookies.

Do We Always Win? How Much Will We Win Next Week?

It might sound like a strange question but we get asked it all the time. We do not always win and we simply do not know how much we will make or lose in advance. Football matches are uncertain events; we do not know the outcome. However, we try to predict the most likely result and then we trade if we feel that outcome is not accurately reflected by the bookmaker. Some weeks we win and some we lose but we believe in the value of our model so over the medium term, we believe our edge will result in consistent profits.

How Can I Follow Scores And Keep Track Of Results On Match Day?

We find these sites useful:


What Is A Value Bet?

A value bet is the type of trade we are always looking to place. It’s essentially any bet where you believe the true probability of your selection winning is greater than the odds reflect. As a crude example, if you thought a team had a greater than 50% chance of winning an upcoming match, and you were offered even money odds (1:1) on them winning, that would represent a value bet. If you thought the team had a less than 50% chance of winning, it would be a “bad” bet.