Covid-19 Update - 25 June 2020

I thought it would be a good time to bring you an update on our operations as we are beginning to exit the covid lockdown.

As you are all aware at the end of March, we swopped our interest in football to the international horse racing in the USA and Australia in order to keep our profits growing.  I am delighted to say that this proved to be a good decision as April saw a profit of 5.8%, May 3.1% and Jun is still profitable but only slightly with one week to go.  Overall, we have been very happy.

The Bundesliga returned a couple of weeks ago which was followed by the Premier league this week.  Although there is some football throughout most of Europe it is somewhat sporadic and countries like France and The Netherlands have already abandoned their seasons.

So, what does this mean for us.  As you are no doubt aware our football algorithm takes a significant number of factors into account but some of the more important ones are

  1. Players (and their form)
  2. Team form
  3. Home advantage

All of these items are now difficult to understand.  Team form is out of the window as we cannot be certain that teams will carry on where they left off.  Which players kept themselves fit, and what impact does it have on teams to play behind closed doors.  Finally, and not insubstantially there are now 5 substitutes allowed in the Premier League rather than 3, so what impact will that have on the algorithm.

The upshot of all this is that at the moment we are being very cautious, whilst we may begin to make one or two football bets it is far too early to jump in with both feet, so we intend to keep going with the horse racing and then supplement it with the football as and when opportunities present themselves.  At the point at which we have sufficient confidence in the model in the new normal then we will revert to a purely football product.  My suspicion is that this may not be until the beginning of the new season.

Clearly if you do have any questions or just want to give us a call Paul and I are always available on:

Nathan: 07876 864 473

Paul:  07950 951 567

Very best Wishes

Nathan Burgoyne