Even the most successful bettors in the world make losing bets, and its almost certain that you will as well. Even if you only ever bet on big favourites, the chances of getting all your predictions right are pretty much zero. Sports are just too unpredictable, and upsets frequently happen.

Now I am not saying this to put you off the idea of betting but rather make sure you have the correct mind-set before you embark in the direction of sports trading. The idea of losing a wager may seem strange but it is still possible to consider it a good bet. If it was well thought out, then you have no reason to worry because there will always be occasions when things don’t go according to a plan. You have to learn to accept and embrace that fact.

While you obviously want to try and make as many correct predictions as you can, the key here is to make bets for the right reasons. The bottom line is that if you apply solid reasoning to all the bets you place, the likelihood is that you will win more often than not.

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