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We Act on Market Mispricing

Proven Performance

Apex Algorithms uses sophisticated financial market techniques and Artificial Intelligence to build sports prediction models to capitalize on the huge mispricing opportunities in the subjective sports markets.

Our proven 5+ year track record has given our clients tax-free annual returns from 26% in 2013 to over 48% in 2016.

In England and Ireland there are 8 individuals from the gambling industry who made it on to the Times 2015 Rich List, accumulating fortunes of greater than £100m.

Why Apex Algorithms?

Low-Risk Levels

Low risk investment with a maximum of 2.5% of each trade ever risked and we apply an obsessive risk management strategy.

Rigorous Back Testing

The algorithm has 5 years backtesting on real-life markets with real money.

Advanced Artificial Intelligence

With the explosion in online sports and betting websites, there is now over a decade of historical data available to create accurate prediction models.

We Hedge Our Bets

Our algorithm is repeatedly betting on independent outcomes within a predefined time frame

Sport Diversification

Sports betting diversification helps to reduce volatility and give exposure to a variety of trading models in case there are ones under performing.

Low Entry Level

You can start an account with Apex with as low as £2,500. Depending on what account tier you fall into determines your profit share.

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