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We Act on Market Mispricing

Proven Performance

Apex Algorithms uses sophisticated financial market techniques and artificial Intelligence (much like hedge funds) to build predictive models which then aim to capitalise on the mispricing opportunities that are available in the sports markets. The bookmakers do not always apply the correct odds to a trade.

The company has been trading for the last 6 years and has performance figures (with real money) for the last 8 years.  We have consistently averaged tax-free returns to our clients in excess of 30%. Detailed figures are available here.

Our clients have enjoyed tax-free returns for the last six years that have consistently outstripped all other investment classes such as Shares, ISAs, Crypto-currency and FX.

Why Apex Algorithms?

Low-Risk Levels

Low risk investment with a maximum of 2.5% of each trade ever risked and we apply an comprehensive risk management strategy.

Rigorous Back Testing

The algorithm has 7 years backtesting on real-life markets with real money.

Machine Learning and Predictive Models

There is now a significant amount of historical data for sports matches and together with the advances in machine learning we have been able to produce predictive models that produce consistently positive results.


Risk Reduction

We only bet on fixed outcomes within a specific time period, therefore our exposure to losses is always known. We do not hold “open positions” as one might when spread-betting.

Sport Diversification

Sports betting diversification helps to reduce volatility and give exposure to a variety of trading models in case there are ones under performing.

Low Entry Level

You can start an account with Apex with as low as £2,500. Depending on what account tier you fall into determines your profit share.

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