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What do we do?

Proven Performance

Apex Algorithms is a bet placement service.  We have developed a sophisticated algorithm that determines the probability of football fixtures and horse races. This allows us to take advantage of bets where there is genuine value.

The algorithm was created in 2013 and has been returning profits to our clients ever since. These profits have averaged over 30% for the last six years with our worst performance being 20% (2018) and at best 63% (2017).  Detailed figure available here.

What do you need to do?

Why Apex Algorithms?

Nothing.  After investing you can sit back and watch.  Our system is fully automatic.  There is no need for you to open a betting account, make a bet or even understand the football or horse racing markets.  You simply join our growing number of clients enjoying a tax free return.

Low risk levels.  We are in this for the long run so we limit the size of bets the algorithm can make.  Our typical bet is around 1% of your pot.  We also employ a comprehensive risk management policy details of which are available here.  Link to risk policy

Our clients have enjoyed tax-free returns for the last six years that have consistently outstripped all other investment classes such as Shares, ISAs, Crypto-currency and FX.

Why Apex Algorithms?

Low-Risk Levels

Low risk investment with a maximum of 2.5% of each trade ever risked and we apply a comprehensive risk management strategy.

Proven Performance

The algorithm now has seven years of consistent performance, we are constantly looking at ways to improve it and as such now have over 10 years of data on which to back-test any changes we are considering, analyse the results and demonstrate value before making any changes.

Machine Learning and Predictive Models

There is now a significant amount of historical data for sports matches and together with the advances in machine learning we have been able to produce predictive models that produce consistently positive results.


Risk Reduction

We only bet on fixed outcomes within a specific time period, therefore our exposure to losses is always known. We do not hold “open positions” as one might when spread-betting.


Our policy on fees is simple, if you are not making money we will not charge you a fee.  We will share any profit with you and where we make losses we will share those also.  That is a sign of how confident we are that we will make you money.  The profit share is determined by the size of your investment.

Low Entry Level

You can start an account with Apex with as low as £2,500. Depending on what account tier you fall into determines your profit share.

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